Little Suamico
Town Meetings

Town meetings are held at the Little Suamico Town hall, which is located at 5964A County Road S. The meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 6 pm. The notices are posted in three places:

                                  Building Blocks Daycare                                                                                  Little Suamico Post Office                                                                              Town Hall Posting Board

Anyone who has a problem or wishes to talk to any of the board members, please call them at the phone numbers listed on the website.




Board of Review



Annual Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting will be held Wednesday April 16, 2014. The Annual Meeting is what makes Town Government so special. This is your choice to voice your concerns, ask questions, and hear what is going on in the town, or maybe just to socialize with friends and neighbors. THE ANNUAL MEETING STARTS AT 7:00 PM.

Town Meeting Minutes & Agendas
Minutes Agendas
Park Committee Minutes & Agendas

Minutes Agendas

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There are no agendas at this time.